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It’s important to love your family, whether it’s your mom, dad, grandparents or siblings.

Works anywhere you have data and a GPS connection

It combines the robust GPS tracking functionality and Internet Mapping. MyLiveTrack was designed as an easy to use safety tool for your family, children and friends localization. It enhances security and safety of your family members using smart intuitive app

Share location in real-time with dynamic map

Tell your Family where you are, what you are up to and who is with you. If required, let your Family members follow your location in real-time. You choose when and how long! Instantly notify the entire family that you need help (your location will be sent automatically). Get driving directions to your family members. MyLiveTrack will help you keep your family connected! It keeps the location private and still let my Family and Friends know when I reach a place. It’s FUN to track people we know with MyLiveTrack near real-time and family locator.

Family circle SMS and place safety alerts

Stays in touch with your friends and family and creates unlimited group, such as roommates, neighbors, friends, colleagues, caregivers, and family members. You can customize your locations and share then for each one of your groups. Also communicate privately or with your groups using texts, voice and exchange photos.

Track your lost Phone

MyLiveTrack checks its location as soon as possible on some of your family member’s phone. It can spot the location of registered android devices via the app’s, 24/7. This app keeps an eye on your cell phone even if you lose sight of it.

New concept new world just for you

You trust us with your whereabouts, and that's not something we take lightly. MYLIVE TRACK uses top-notch GPS technology, and your maps and chat channels are built with bank-level security. Your locations and conversations will always be private, available only to people you invite and agree to share your details with.

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The modern world has become very dangerous for children and teens. And this is due not only to an increase in real danger on the streets, but also because of advancements in technology. Children and teens with cell phones and tablets are exposed to the same risks as adults in the virtual world. But of course, the same technology that is a threat can help parents to keep the peace using a tool such MYLIVETRACK.


Any service based on GPS tracking just works fine when the GPS is enabled on the device. So don't forget to check the GPS location settings. Only GPS tracking technology can give you a accurate phone locations.


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  1. How to start

    1. GET THE MOBILE device you need to protect/track (ex. your child cell phone)

    2. INSTALL and fill the registration form (set your account email and password)

    3. ONCE the phone number is verified, a text message is sent, your key is generated and registered on MYLIVE TRACKservers.


Discover much more

Family | Friends | Volunteers

Connect, create safety circle of family, friends and volunteers which empowers you with Safety Shield, emergency alert/s, location sharing, SecureFence, Smart Notifications, dynamic fence & more

Special Care Safety

Child, elderly, differently abled (autistic), Alzheimer’s patients need extra special care, locate and silently listen to them when away from home | at work | when needed.

Corporate | Organisation

Ensure employee (esp. women) safety on official field trips | official tours during work hours. Auto punch in | out facility. Find out how many miles covered during the day to simplify finances.

Smart | Intuitive

Data for all (kids, parents, organizations) customized per individual | organization need to take proactive decisions about public spaces. Safety shield anytime, anywhere and for everyone. MYLIVETRACK App provides location based services for safer life, loved ones, family and peace of mind to its users.

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